Marko Saar

Work experience

2010 - Protect Security Ukraine, Chief Security Director

2000 - 2007 Falck Baltics/Group 4 Securicor, AS Falck Eesti. Quard Service division - Head of Service, Eurovision Song Contest - Head of Security, Chief Expert of Security Solutions.

1997 -2000 Tallinna Kaubamaja AS, Chief Security Manager.

1995-97 Estonian Police Board, Police school, Komissary. Instructor - practical shooting, firearms, street survival tactics and jiu-jitsu.

1993-95 AS Marksman, Instructor and expert – firearms and tactics.

1991-93 AS Estonian Security Service, Instructor and Sales expert – security equipment.

Biggest Projects

2000-2007 in Estonia:

  • Eurovision Song Contest in Estonia 2002. Chief Security Manager. Responsible for the whole event security.
  • Security Consultant of Eurovision Song Contest in Latvia 2003, in Ukraine 2004 and in Finland  2006.
  • Security concept for Tallinn City Government. Included schools and kindergardens. Totally more than 400 objects.
  • Security concept for Estonian National Television, Pärnu Hospital and IRS.

Various bigger security concepts for Estonian companies:

  • Kalev
  • Kristiine Casino
  • Viisnurk
  • Paulig
  • Tallinn Lennart Meri Airport
  • Sadolin
  • MB and Silberauto centres all over Estonia
  • Pärnu Water Center
  • Sampo Bank
  • Tallinna vesi
  • Comarket
  • Prisma
  • Selver
  • Viru keskus
  • K-Rauta
  • Ehitusservice
  • Estonian Railway
  • Saku Brewery
  • E-Betoonelement
  • Siemens
  • Liviko
  • Balbiino
  • Ülemiste Center

2005-2010 in Russia and Ukraine


  • Okay hypermarkets.
  • Nokia Tyres Factory in St Petersbourg.


  • Lvov Mall Passage
  • Furshet supermarkets (one of the biggest in Ukraine. Totally more than 120 supermarkets).
  • Okay hypermarkets.


1995 -  International Law Enforcement Officer course. Organizer: USA Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI). Place: Budapest, Hungary. FBI Europe training centre (Law  Enforcement Academy). Certificate: International Law Enforcement Officer.

1994 - Sharpshooter / Sniper training. Instructors: from Finland Army and Police special team. Place: military training centre in Estonia

1994 - Special course KRAV-MAGA  (self defence and military jiu-jitsu training). Instructors: from Israel army special units. Place: Tallinn, Estonia.

1994 - Special course for firearms instructors. Instructors: from Estonian police, Estonian Army. Place: Tallinn Police Department Training Centre. Certificate.

1993 - Special course for security experts, law enforcement officers and firearm instructors. Institution: KE-Burgmann Finland OY; Place: Helsinki, Finland.

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