• We take under security control all kind of objects, no matter how complicated or difficult it is.
  • We make object surwey and offer the best fit security solution.
  • Available resources andemployees with high qualification.

In case of manned surveillance service, a security employee of PROTECT is constantly present at the object under surveillance. 

Manned surveillance is necessary in situations where technical surveillance solutions may not be sufficient for ensuring security. The primary task of the security employee is to foresee and prevent dangerous situations and to act fast in a crisis situation.

The security employees of PROTECT wear a common uniform and have special equipment. The security employees are able to solve conflict situations and to react and act in an alarm situation. The security employees have constant connection to the security centre of PROTECT via radio transmitters.

In an alarm situation, the information is sent to the security centre of PROTECT and from there patrol teams are directed to the site if necessary.

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