Security Equipment Installation

PROTECT offers its clients integrated security solutions from designing, high-quality equipment and installation to maintenance.

1. Security consultations

2. Developing the security concept

A security concept states the possible principles and views of ensuring security in the company; this is the basis for developing or improving specific technical security designs. 

In the course of preparing a security concept:

We will determine and analyse the dangers and risk factors, taking int

o account the specifics of the company’s activities, the locations and constructional specifics of objects, etc.;

We take into account the preferences of the company in ensuring its security.

3. Designing and installing security systems

Upon implementing various security concepts, we offer a technical solution together with the necessary equipment, installation works, usage manual and personnel training.

PROTECT also has the conformance certificate for designing, installing and maintaining automatic fire alarm systems.

4. Maintenance of security systems

Regular maintenance of an alarm system ensures that it’s in good working order at all times. 

We perform:

Regular maintenance works (inspection of the working order of the system and its components, adjustments, cleaning, etc.).

Any faults discovered in the course of inspection and maintenance are eliminated. If, during an inspection, it turns out that the security situation has changed (for example, the construction of partition walls, the locations of furniture items, etc. has changed), then PROTECT makes the client a suggestion to improve the system. If necessary, we provide additional training for users of the system.

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